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The team

Spearhead Committee of the RCCG Sunday School UK

The UK chapter of RCCG Sunday School is co-ordinated by the National Director, Pastor Raphael Olurotimi and the RCCG Sunday School UK Spearhead team that is made up of nine members.

These members include Pastors, Deacons and handpicked Christians of substance. Every member of the Spearhead committee was chosen by God to be part of the committee because of the expertise that they have brought to this project in their chosen field. All members are devout Christians, they love the Lord and the things that pertain to the Lord. They are humble and possess a willingness to serve.

They have so far been a blessing to the RCCG Sunday School UK project. All of the members have an understanding of the challenges and benefits of working on this on-going project and have pledged to be available at any time of the day or night to undertake urgent assignments as it relates to this Sunday School work.

The ethos and goal of this committee is to see the study of the Word of God (Bible) become a common place custom for all, in the UK and worldwide.