About the RCCG Sunday School Spearhead Committee

In 2009 the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye gave the directive that a Sunday School directorate be set up in the United Kingdom to oversee the production and distribution of the RCCG Sunday School UK.

Pastor Raphael Olurotimi was chosen to be the National Director and thereafter 10 additional members were incorporated and a Sunday School Spearhead Committee was born.

What is the purpose and reason for the creation of the RCCG Sunday School, Spearhead Committee?

  1. Promoting the Word of God using the vehicle of Sunday school to all peoples at the grassroots level across the UK, Europe and beyond.
  2. Encouraging a deepening of individual personal relationship between man and Christ through the spread of the Sunday School presence in all our parishes in UK and beyond.
  3. Ensuring that the word of God is accessible to all generations of believers.
  4. To adapt the original teaching materials from the Directorate of Christian Education (DCE) at the World Headquarters of the mission in Nigeria to a more fitting context in Europe.
  5. To produce high quality Sunday school material that is easily accessible nationwide and in Europe taking advantage of all communication platforms.
  6. To motivate, sensitise, mobilise a virile end time army of bible practitioners equipped to midwife the next generation of believers in Christ.


Prior to the creation of the RCCG Sunday School UK, Spearhead Committee in 2009 manuals used in the UK were often purchased from Nigeria and not in context with the European culture or environments.  The problem with this approach was that there was no overall co-ordination in doing this.  Churches purchased the manuals piece meal from Nigeria.  Some Churches purchased the manuals which were 1 to 4 years out of date, hardly any one of our Churches used the current manuals.  The creation of the RCCG, Sunday School, Spearhead Committee put an end to the confusion and co-ordinated the production of UK friendly manuals.

We (RCCG, Sunday School Spearhead Committee) working with our various Regional Sunday school Co-ordinators and their leadership teams are currently responsible for the unified and harmonised distribution of Manuals all over the UK in a timely and scheduled matter.  We also now supply manuals to both RCCG Churches and non RCCG Churches in the UK and certain parts of Europe.

Our future plans include the commissioning our own app (already done) and to utilise more social media to promote the Word of God, also to make it more attractive to the up and coming generation.

We look forward to doing more in the coming years.

God bless you!

Pastor Stephen Bello

Secretary, RCCG, Sunday School

Spearhead Committee