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The RCCG Sunday School UK is going to the next level and there are a few things that we have in mind to do.

We would like to provide a lot of amenities for members such as:

1. A comfortable affordable (large enough) venue to rent for our National Conferences which befits our meetings.

2. Produce bi- annual Newsletters which will progress to quarterly issues.

3. Sell our app at a subsidised rates so that everyone can afford it.

4. Offer free food for our National Conferences for all that attend.

5. Visit some of our Sunday School Classes at random on certain Sundays all over the country, to oversee what is happening.

6. Conduct train the trainer classes periodically for Teachers all over the UK (at subsidised costs)

7. Hold an all day ‘National Prayer & Fasting’ session for all teachers in the UK.

8. Stock Sunday School memorabilia such as Jackets, Tee-Shirts, notebooks, pens, caps etc to be used during our events.

(Please note that some of these Projects will cost more than is collected from this £1 Club

but it will help us to start the projects, you may donate more if you can afford to).

Thank you

Pastor Raphael Olurotimi

National Director

National RCCG, Sunday School, UK

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